Representing the City and the Everyday with Media and Data

From April 8 to April 11, University of Tyumen offers a lecture course and a workshop by Lev Manovich “Representing the City and the Everyday with Media and Data". The lectures are free and open to the public.

In this 4 day course students consider methods for the study and representation of the urban life developed in the 19th, 20th and 21st century. They include photography, cinema, techniques of modernist literature and painting, ethnography, surveys, social photography (e.g Instagram), mobile camera, 3D graphics, sensors, data captured by computer technologies and currently popular methods for its analysis (computer vision, machine learning). In class meetings, we will look critically at some of the key principles behind the 21st century data creation and analysis methods and also consider a number of important projects that use them creatively.

For the class practical assignment, students are asked to create small "portraits" of Tyumen life based on direct observation. These assignments can't use any standard or currently popular categories and concepts for understanding the cities or modern societies. Instead, they should offer new ways and new concepts for representing urban everyday life, people, city spaces, and atmospheres. 

Lectures are included in the MA program "Digital Culture and Media Production" at School of of advanced studies.